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Masseria del Carboj - Menfi

The Agri-Retreat within walking distance of the
from the sea of Menfi

Masseria del Carboj is an Agri-Retreat set within a 70-hectare property, located on a hillside close to the Magaggiaro forest and in perfect harmony with the natural landscape through shapes and colors that harmoniously blend with the history, landscape and surroundings.

It is about 8 km from Portopalo and 15 minutes from the town of Menfi.

The Masseria is the ideal place to relax for those in search of culture, nature and authentic food and wine experiences.

The ideal user is sensitive to the charm of vineyards and olive groves whose expanses surround the structure, looking for an exclusive vacation in the name of comfort, elegance and well-being, in a well-kept, familiar and friendly environment.
The roots of the project are intertwined with those of nature that dominates the hills around the main buildings, which have been renovated and modernized with a view to protecting greenery and air quality.

It is also equipped with services and facilities designed so that the guest experience is immersive and authentic with respect to the agricultural and rural breath of the entire area.

The Magaggiaro forest on one side and the sea on the other welcome guests in a natural embrace.

Territory governs our choices

Masseria del carboj is founded on choices geared toward satisfying four cardinal principles.

Making usable the pristine and unique local landscape heritage.

To promote, through its catering concept, the food and wine culture of the area.

Allowing guests an integral immersion in the agricultural environment without any filter or barrier.

To offer hospitality and banqueting services that are distinguished by confidentiality, customer care and quality of services offered.

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